Bikes might have been invented in the early 19th century as a means of transportation and recreation, an option that doesn’t require a really skillful person to operate and a good replacement for horses which are more costly and are more of a pain to maintain. Today with a few modifications, there are already a ton of variations of bikes but the concept is still the same. In terms of variation, there are so many companies nowadays that sells them for a living that it won’t be that hard finding a good one for your preference and needs.

There are already so many bikes to choose from, but when you buy one its still important not to forget about the necessity. So before you buy the next most expensive or the newest bike that is out there, stop and go back to the basics. It will save you some money and regret after.

Ask yourself how it’s mostly used: As you know by now there are already many types of bikes for various needs. If you plan to use a bike for just a daily commute and you happen to be going on a mix of concrete and soil you might want a road bike for that. For just the urban cement, a regular bike can do the trick. If you plan to use it for racing, a race bike is what you need. Sure, you can buy a race bike for your daily commute but you have to consider that although it’s going to give you speed but less stability, so if you plan to hold a few stuff in your hands or carry heavy things in your bag, it’s not going to help. If you want to buy some good bikes, check out progear bikes Melbourne.

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The price should be considered as well: There are bikes that cost a fortune and there are cheaper ones too. If you need a high-performance bike, a racing bike can serve you, but it comes with a price. Premium gears are costly. If it’s only for daily commute a racing one might not be a good investment since it’s not going to be that reliable in the urban jungle and it costs too much. That’s why the bicycle types and uses needs to be considered when buying bikes.

  • Vintage bikes – The heaviest bike with a basket up front, but, it’s a good hauler bike.
  • Tricycles – A sturdy bike and ideal in the city streets with more stability because of its 3 wheels.
  • Mountain – A bike that can climb, go downhill and made for abuse.
  • Road & Commuters – Perfect for on-road and offroad used and has big wheels to support those conditions
  • Ebikes – Electric powered bikes
  • Racing – Lighter and faster bikes perfect for going fast

Buying a bike might be daunting, especially with all the variations and not to mention, the brand. Especially if it’s your first time buying a bike. But as long as you stick to the essentials like the things that you want and need for the bike with the consideration to the bike features, prices, and color, you will have a better understanding and a clear mind on what bike you should get. And also you should do some research on the bikes that you want