The lease is certain a right for using the asset for set period of time with the rental payments that are monthly made. It is also the one that involves two parties as lessee or lessor. The lessor is owners of asset and lessee are user of assets. It is something which requires zero down payments. The rent covers all the maintenance, insurance, finance accident repair as well as the admin benefits. It also comes with the option of upgrades without hampering budgets at all. The risk is covered fully at the same time. With the influx of all new models, the car leases are made available on all of them.

Change your cars and lease the latest one

With the car lease, the vehicles can be changed very fast and without any issue. It can be leased by all, no matter whether you are in the partnership firms, a private company, corporate employee, self-employed or any other. The estimated upfront of RV and its benefits are passed on in lease rentals. The drop in market price of asset also doesn’t affect car leases rentals at all. the calculation of rental even involves amount which are funded less than sale price that are expected at end and even includes the interest cost along with all other, that are required for running vehicle as insurance, admin cost leaving the driver charges or fuel one.


The lease rentals are worked out for specified time as well as usage. The insurance management is done by lessor for whole tenure of lease. This includes the repairing work and the speedy claim settlements. The lessee also need to comply as per all procedures of insurance that including filing of FIR during theft case or third party damage for settling the claims. This can also include some of the procedure as giving the details of accident, filing of claims forms, proffering the documents as driving license and others. Administration and maintenance includes the pick and drop facility that are offered for servicing of vehicles.

Benefits of the operating lease

You don’t have to pay for complete car cost as compared to acquiring of cars. No down payment is involved; the valuable capital can be invested in some other asset which can appreciate. The leasing is also termed as the excellent way of off balance sheet finance for different companies. The EMI’s under the arrangement of leasing are even booked under expenses and makes book lighter. There is no risk on the resale values or protection from the fluctuation in used car market at end of tenure.

You can avoid all the surprises that are related to insurance or maintenance allowances. Only the comprehensive coverage’s are included that covers all type ofrepairs, battery change, tyres change or breakdown assistance. At end of lease tenure, the vehicles are given back to leasing vendor. You can also terminate the lease agreement in between on which minimal charges are levied for unexpected termination.