Decorating a hallway is not always easy! Often long and narrow, it is moreover devoid of light most of the time. So how do you make this unattractive space into a place that has style? Here are the tips for condo interior design in Singapore!

Decorate a hallway with wallpaper

The hallway often offers a large section of wall, ideal for hanging wallpaper. Patterned paper or fresco, let your desires speak for them!

Decorate a hallway with a painted plinth

To decorate a hallway, why not paint a plinth on the walls? It is conducive to what fantasies, like this turquoise blue base, for example, is a place of passage. It’s time to draw your favorite color!

Decorate a hallway with a wall of frames

How about transforming your hallway into a real art gallery? Placed on picture rails or hung on the wall, the frames will dress the space and invite the visitor to linger there.

Decorate a hallway with mirrors

Mirrors have no equal for enlarging space. They are, therefore, ideal for condo interior design Singapore. You can choose to play with accumulation or opt, for example, for a large round mirror, which will bring softness and break the door frames’ verticality. Glass mirrors for their part, creating the perfect illusion for this often-cramped space.

Decorate a hallway with a rug

The carpet will bring a cozy touch to the hallway. If you are not a fan of your soil, it will also help make it less present. We choose it adapted to the length of its corridor to go from one end of it to the other.

Decorate your hallway with suitable furniture

When square meters are increasingly scarce in our homes, installing furniture in the hallway is an excellent way to optimize the available space. There is now furniture adapted to the hallway’s narrowness, shallow, such as shoe cabinets, for example, or consoles. Another solution, take out your tools and make a custom bookcase using boards! Anyway, to visually lighten the space, we chose furniture of a shade close to that of the wall, or glass furniture, for example.

Decorate your hallway by choosing the right lighting

If your hallway is long, be sure to distribute the lighting throughout the space by installing several light points on the ceiling and the walls. Also, choose luminaries with dimensions adapted to those of your hallway. As the corridor is a passageway, fluorescent bulbs are avoided in this area.

Decorate a hallway by painting the ceiling

The design idea of ​​the moment is the painted ceilings. If it can be complicated to launch into a living room, the hallway is the ideal place to dare! Several options are available to you: Paint all the walls and doors for a “color box” effect, leave the doors in white to breathe in the place, or even paint the ceiling only.

Final Words

So, pick these stunning ideas to revamp the hallway look of your condo in style.