The 25th wedding anniversary is definitely held special. It shows the kind of bond that both the partners have shown to each other, going strong through thick and thin in their long-married life. Hence, the gift that is planned to be given to them on this grand occasion needs to be a proper one that shows in the good light. But to make the right choice, it is essential for the person to use some creative juice. It will be equally useful to consider several aspects keeping mind the time spent by them together in the last 25 years. The budget does play an important role in the planning of the celebration. The possible best gifts are to be jotted down. But the gift should be something that the couple should like and love. Also, they need to cherish it for a very long time and find it useful.

Celebrating the 25th wedding anniversary

Silver is the traditional theme for the silver wedding anniversary. With this in mind, the type of gifts that are planned to be purchased needs to have silver attached, be it symbolically or literally. Only then will it make that major impact upon the couples. It will be equally useful to be imaginative and creative when focusing upon the gift based on the silver theme. The couple can be friends, relatives or parent. Hence, the gift selected needs to clearly reflect how much affection and care is showered upon them.

The silver anniversary is said to be classified as a milestone or momentous occasion in the couple’s lives. This is solid proof of being in unison and true love, respecting and honoring each other’s commitments, keeping intact the marriage vows, going through the trials of life, facing together the successes and failure, triumphs and tribulations. The right anniversary cake order online can prove to be a worthy selection and make the couple and the guests attending the party to be delighted.

Loving and touching gift

The anniversary cake to be ordered needs to have 25 candles that are decorated with silver ribbons and have the silver topper. The flower symbol for this silver celebration is Iris. Hence, a bouquet of red roses and iris painted in silver is to be gifted to the wife while the husband is to be gifted with a premium champagne bottle.

The scripted program is to have the video presentation that highlights photos and videos of the couple during their childhood days, as teenagers, married couple, adults, having children, friends, grandchildren, trips and vacations, home, etc. It also needs to include greetings from family members and friends.

One can gift the couple with concert tickets that are enclosed in a silver envelope and engraved silver platter that is loaded with cheeses, fruits, nutritional supplements and Belgian chocolates to make that major impact. Even CD having popular songs compiled during those 25 years of being together, the family portrait that is silver framed, family photo quilt, etc. can be selected.

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