To transmit power between the shafts belts and pulleys are used that is the most attractive solution. The belts run smoothly and protect the machinery from overload, jamming and bearing against load fluctuations. The maintenance for the belt required is minimal and are highly efficient. They are considered to be a flexible material that used to connect several shafts in parallel. When it comes to buying correas de transmisión you have many choices. In order to make the best choice, it is essential to know about the types and dimensions. Below are the essential guide on choosing the right type of belts.

Flat belts:             

With the help of flat belts, a mechanical force can be transmitted from one pulley to another. It offers the best efficiency but mostly suited for transmitting low loads. It is used in many power transmission applications and offers you longer service. They are mostly made up of rubber or synthetic polymer. A flat belt is also called as seamless belts because they are manufactured in one piece. But it requires high-voltage maintenance compared to the other belts. The wide flats can be used in case of large pulleys that provide high power speed.

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One of the most commonly used types of the belt is V-belts for power transmission. It usually transmits higher power when it compared to the flat belts. These types of belts are used in various industrial sectors. Flat belts are only used in large pulleys whereas V-belts can be used in short distance power transmission. It prevents the belt from slipping as it follows a groove in the pulley and also improves torque transmission. It also known as trapezoidal belts and made up of rubber or polymer. If the flat belts do not meet the requirement, then V-belts can be used. V-belts are easy to install and also adjustable.

Ribbed belts:

This type of belt increases the contact surface between the pulley and belt. They are more reliable that works by adhering the ridge part of the belt to the pulley. In the automobile industry, ribbed belts are used as drive belts. Also, it widely used in electrical appliances such as compressors, washing machines and many more. The ribbed belts synchronize the movements of the engine components in cars.

Thus, above are some types of belts, and that can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications. If you are looking to buy correas de transmisión, then consider your needs and which type of belts meets your needs. Buy the quality belts from the best store. Find out the company that sells belts made up of latest technology and high-quality products. Make the right choice in choosing the belts that suit your needs.