Australia is the land of amazing culture, people, and astounding nature. Living in Australia has its own benefits. With one of the world’s leading economic structure, Australia has become the center of magnetism for many immigrate. This beautiful continent country is surrounded by the Pacific and Indian oceans from every side. Compared to the massive land it possesses, the country has a population of only 24 million. Australia welcomes immigrant with nature of wonders and vast spaces.

Visitor visa

Want to spend the beautiful evening on the Australian beaches or meet relatives for some reasons? Want to attend a wedding or any event with relatives in Australia? Well, apply for your Visitor visa for Australia today. The visa permits you to enter the country for the purpose of tourism temporarily. It allows you to spend your holiday in Australia and also gives you the consent for short-term non-working purposes. The visitor visa is only available to those who live outside Australia and have a passport. One has to apply for the visa to visit Australia if the condition matches.  There are visitors from certain countries who can enjoy e-visa by applying on Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). There are some documents you have to submit before you apply for visitor visa. The following documents are as follows:

  • Original passport with at least six-month validation from the date of travel.
  • Pan card or Adhaar card copy
  • Two photos: 35X45mm, matt finish and at least 80% face visible with a white background
  • Covering letter which includes the reason for visiting Australia, details of the applicants, expense source and passport details

There are many other documents needed for a tourist visa, depend on the visa applicant and many other regulations of the Australian government. For the effective presentation of the file one needs to study the site well and in case of any doubt get them cleared before the submission of the application. There are also some visa consultants who are skillful and knowledgeable who can prove much helpful to such clients who are not much aware of the visa process.

Visitor visa (Subclass 600)

According to the Department of Home Affairs Australia, Australia Visitor visa From India is offered under subclass 600. There are few benefits for having visitor visa like:

  • This visa lets you visit Australia even for business purposes
  • This visa allows you stay in the country up to 3, 6 or 12 months

Now there are some conditions a visitor should get through before applying for a visitor visa. You may apply for visitor visa Australia if:

  • You want to visit your family
  • You are visiting as a visitor
  • You are visiting for various business purposes and legal activities
  • You are on tour with a registered travel agent from the people republic of China

If your requirement meets any of the above conditions, you can apply for visitor visa. To know more about Australian visa, please visit the official site of the country.