Are you new to the city of Bangalore? Do not know the city that well? Here is an opportunity to know the city well.

There are many organised city walks in Bangalore which one can be a part of and discover some fascinating facts of the city.

Nature Journey and Summer Camp for Families: If you really want to be a part of this, then block the date on 21st May as this begins at 6.30 AM in the morning and ends at 6 PM in the evening on the same day. This event is organized by the Nature Journey and in order to take part in this nature walk one has to pay an amount of Rs1635. This will be held in Bannerghatta and the package will include things like breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, some fun and challenging activities along with transportation. There one can get an opportunity to some adventure activities like zipline and other fun activities. The trip starts at 7 AM in the morning and after reaching the camp, the breakfast will be served. Post breakfast the activity starts. Then there is a rain dance as well for all the kids and adults. One has to bring their own sports shoes and should wear loose comfortable clothes because it is a walking camp. Sippers and caps are essential and do not forget to bring the camera as you will definitely want to capture the fun moments.

Walking tour (Bengaluru in a Nutshell): This event has many days and the nearest one is on 20th May. This event is organized by the Unventured and to be a part of it one has to spare an amount of Rs1500 and get a registration in it. This starts from 7 AM in the morning and ends at 9 PM in the night. If you really want to know the city well in which you stay, then this can be a fantastic opportunity for you.  This city has its own charm, and if one wants to know it, and then be a part of this city walk. This covers all the high streets of the city along with some fantastic alleys with local foods and temples. In short, this makes you know the city in a nutshell. The city tour includes the visit to the 9th century temple and also the state library.

Explore Hampi: This will start from 26th May and will end on 28th May at 11 PM. This event is organised by the Unplanned. One has to book the trip for Rs3200.  Hampi is one of the most famous world heritage sites, and it has been labelled one by UNESCO. This place is located at the bank of Tungabhadra River, and it was once the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. This is a trek and the level is moderate. One has to carry their own comfortable clothes and shoes along with sippers, sunglasses and a cap because these are really important in a trek.

Go ahead and have fun!