In the present days, you can play video games from anywhere and at any time. It is through your smartphone, home console, or your computer. Many of them play games for passing time and for fun. If you like a game that moment can make you become a non-stop gamer. Some companies like deadshot gaming offers best mobile and console games. Go through the link to find more information about different types of offered diversion. Let’s now discuss about the prominent games.

Amazing and prominent mobile games 

Angry birds 2 

The angry bird sequel is angry bird 2 which is amazing one than the previous version. It is the most appealing and attractive diversion for most of the gamers. But it is a classic game which is compatible to play on Android as well as iOS. This game is interesting as you shoot the birds towards the evil pigs to kill them. As you progress, you gain rewards and reveal new birds.

Bubble witch 3 saga 

It is the prominent game which is the shooting diversion with the games of matching the puzzles. You can find the latest version of this game on any of your device whether it is android or iOS.

Color road 

It is the simple diversion which has a easy concept. It is all about controlling a ball on particular color. You are going to roll the ball on similar color. If you find there is different color ball, you then avoid it. The game becomes complicated as you move on through the diversion.

Draw something 

You need to draw something in the Pictionary offered in the game. One gamer is going to draw something and another gamer is going to guess the word. It is a classic type of game which is amazing. It is available to download on Android and iOS.


This game has unique construction mechanics, fast paced action, and cartoon style graphics. The amateurs can get some tricks here as your major objective is to be the last person or standing team left in the progression of the game. The diversion is accessible for free but it is not available in google play store. You have to download epic games launcher which is difficult but there are guides available online to help you for downloading the game.


It is the prominent diversion which is compatible to play at various platforms. Here everything is in the form of a pixel where you need to construct anything from the ground. You have to safeguard yourself from monsters attacking in creative mode or survival mode. Here you are accessible with various resources that are unlimited. You can play it on android or iOS.

Thus, these are some of the best mobile games and popular diversions to be played for fun and entertainment all the time.