The most popular form of photography is the aerial picture. Initially it was used to capture plane going down and enemy fighting in army for aiming gun shots. Aerial photography streams a landscape image from the air. They are most widely used by real estate companies, to click pictures for development sites and enable them to map out the certain area.  There are many places aerial photography is used. Television stations uses for weather forecasting, geographical status of climate. This helps in predicting the exact scenarios.

Construction companies’ uses aerial video for property frequently used to make sure the building position and it is als mandatory to check width and diameters of the building. Tourism industry people use it to show off its vast golf courses, resort advertisement, Park views and campgrounds. Government uses this for planning and development purposes.

Trained environmentalists use this to study earth’s climate and land conditions. Sports events can employ the use of this photography to show grandeur of a brand new stadium or illustrate density of the crowd in stands. This aerial filming is used in many different platforms that can be used to take pictures on bird look. The professional pictures are clicked in order to know more about drones. It is not possible to click proper images when it is not done with professionals. Things have changed greatly and photos taken in this manner. It is surprising to see all ways one can make use of aerial filming. Common uses of this photography are surveillance, real estate, environmental impact studies, motion picture production, architectural studies, mapping and military planning.

Panorama views from the air can be made by aerial views. Few problems with drones do not affect the picture. Both camera and video clarity are high in dimensions. Model airplanes are used for some photos. Both still cameras and video cameras can be used with remote controls for above ground photography, with or without an operator present. There are professionals who do this type of photography, and some businesses with access to airplanes may want to shoot aerial photos of their own business buildings and grounds. Amateurs can enjoy this aspect of photography also, and like to experiment with smaller ways to produce these photos, such as using kites, poles and model airplanes. Panorama cameras have a special place in aerial photography, providing the extra wide angle long shots without need for stitching together images.

For traffic control, raised cameras provide an aerial view of busy intersections, and even inside cameras such as those found on casino or store roofs, might also be considered to be aerial cameras. The true aerial camera is not connected to the ground, however, and offers a bird’s eye view of the ground subject.