Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art focusing on grappling and floor (ground) fighting. Its origin is from Japan and is different from the other martial arts. Here, learning this art can even help a weaker person defend a stronger person using several techniques like:

  • Fighting on the ground
  • Using joint locks
  • Using chokeholds
  • Staying alert and active


In early 1990 BJJ came into existence. Its origin is from a martial art family of Japanese jui jitsu. JJJ was a street style self-defense type of art in Japan. Colonel Esai Maeda, chief of Japanese immigration shared his skills and techniques to the people in Brazil and they adapted the martial art. And that’s how the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) came into existence. You can know more about Salvosa bjjat their online interface.

Uses of learning BJJ:

  • Sport grappling competition and
  • Self defence
  • Helps in losing weight
  • Improves flexibility

BJJ class in Scarborough helps you to getthe best shape. They teach you the basics and help you to learn skills that will help you realistically. In the process of learning BJJ, your body and mind will be transformed. It helps in building self-confidence. They have a safe, encouraging and friendly environment which helps you in achieving happiness and health through BJJ.

In BJJ once you are on the ground, the main aim is to control the movement of your opponent keeping yourself in a dominating position. Several techniques like rolling, grappling and sparring are used.  Basic idea of BJJ is that any person who faces an attacker with stronger and larger frame has to defend their self-using all the skills and techniques. BJJ class in Scarborough helps you to achieve your goals.Theyhave the honest, finest, effectiveand best instructors who devote their time in training their students.

Methods used in BJJ training:

Certain parameters and techniques are necessary in this training. Training includes practicing different types of moves. In BJJ, it is necessary to be in the dominating position with the opponent on floor / ground. It is important that this art is learned from a specialist and professional expert.


BJJ martial art skill helps you throughout your life. It can be practiced my men, women and kids. This helps in self-defense, helps you achieve physical fitness, and improves stamina and balance. Other benefits of BJJ are that it helps in gaining confidence, self-esteem and disciple

Few people use BJJ as a method of work out. Some start with belt ranking and other go for 19 years black belt journey. Joining a BJJ class has various benefits to achieve; it can be a solution to many problems too.

Belt rank system:

Belt system and promotions in BJJ training is different to other martial arts. Achieving belt rank depends on the practical tests, knowledge about different techniques etc. Black belt is achieved after 8 – 10 years of training and the person should be of the age 19, to get the black belt. But most of the schools allow the students to gain black belt before the age limit is reached.