Not all the people would have the privilege to own a house. Having an own house does cost a lot and it depends on the place where we live and the cost of the real estate prices of that specific place.Since owning a house is a costly affair and not all people can afford to buy a house they would opt to stay in a rented house.Rented house means staying in a house which does not belong to them but paying some amount as rent on a monthly or yearly bases.The amount of rent is decided by the owner of the house.Some people just take a house for rent or can also take a fully furnished house for rent.In case they take a fully furnished house for rent then all the items in the house like furniture,kitchen appliances and all other household needs will be available in the house. These types of houses are called service apartment.Some people would like to stay in hotels and some would like to stay in service apartment.In case the stay is for long time then they would prefer staying in apartment as it gives a homely feeling and all necessary facilities are taken care. In few countries service apartment are popular. People would like to stay in an apartment so that they can get all the facilities at an economical price. There are many serviced apartment hong kong has. Service apartments can be taken on monthly rent or yearly lease. The best of staying in a service apartment is that all the facilities are provided in the house. People feel like staying in their house as all the necessary items would be available in the apartment.In case a person has to stay in a city for some defined period and if they don’t want to stay in a hotel then they can opt to stay in a service apartment.In case they opt to stay in a hotel it may be expensive and it may not have all the facilities like a house.Some people would take their pets and travel.Most of the hotels would not entertain pets. 

serviced apartment hong kong

Let’s see why do people live in service apartments:

  • Less expensive.
  • All necessary facilities are available in the apartment.
  • The feel of staying in a home.
  • The location where the apartments are located is safe
  • Maintenance is not an issue.There would be staff to take care of the cleaning part.
  • They are compact and nicely designed which makes a comfortable stay.


Service apartment would be economically and the feel would be similar to stay in house hence people prefer to stay in apartment.