Today we are living in highly advanced society where men and women work together and they avail equal opportunities in every field. Now women are not confined to only kitchen and farm work but they get out of their domestic life and show their endless calibre to the world. The women rightly pronounced as (we men) and indeed women are more dedicated towards their work that is why they are excelling in every field. It is the brain and dedication that matters to rule the world and not the physique. They know to avail the opportunities in best way and they produce matchless results from these opportunities. We cannot forget the support and coordination of the men to lift the women up in the society.

If we glance back to the history then there is role of some outstanding men to motivate the women and show their intellect as well as calibre to the world. They have more work efficiency today also they nourish their kids, take care of their homes and simultaneously work out of the house. it is their zeal as well as determination which make them able to stand in front of the world. They have great power of tolerance, sense of understanding and enthusiasm to accomplish the task perfectly. They are creators and developer of the world. Now women are self dependent. There is great role of the education in lifting the standard of the women to this much extent.

Earlier due importance was given to the boys. People think they will grow and take care of their parents in old age. But as the time changes it is seen that girls are more caring than boys and they are alone enough to manage everything. It is the woman can change the world and tend to make the most tedious tasks possible with her zeal and dedication. But why need to develop the concept of the women empowerment? However they do not need to be treated equally with the men because they actually bear the same calibre as the men. From ancient time in some countries or region there was prevalent a though that women are weaker in physique and they were assumed to do the house hold work where men is supposed to work out of the house in order to earn the living. But now women are also working and accomplishing the task in same way as the men do.