On these days of the video gaming market, the new and improved car drive is one of the top trends. Today, players can even get the game by searching for the beamng drive free online. This will not only give you the fun but, also cut away the expenses of entertaining yourself. With so many options, it will take you some time to get behind the wheel of every car that interests you the most. So having the guide and simple tips will make your game easier. This will even let you get behind the wheel of each car for the video gaming drive. Improve your racing simulation game with this guide before you pick your car.

Picking The Right Car

The game app itself will let you customize your finishes and take the car out for a virtual test drive. For you to find out which car suits you, you need to look for the most used car online and change your vehicle more often. This will eventually lead you to the finest and fastest car for the driving race no matter who your opponents are. Trying out all the available car might take you some time, so use the keyboard control ‘Ctrl + E’ keys. This combination will allow you to open the vehicle selection menu and browse on. You can navigate to this website for more gaming controls to win the game.

Changing The Vehicle Controls

To best play the cars, you need to change your vehicle more often than usual. The ‘Ctrl + E’ keys will allow you to spawn a new vehicle. You can use this control to some obstacles and props, such as pylons, cinder block walls, and barriers to name a few. When spawning new vehicles, you can either spawn new or replace current. The spawn new option will spawn a new instance of the particular vehicle. Note that in this option, you are completely leaving your current vehicle. The ‘replace current’ option will let you swap your current vehicle with the new vehicle or prop.

Beamng Drive Race

Changing vehicle will allow you to take control of your drive and find which will suit you best. Spawning to a new vehicle will leave yourself with many vehicles on the map. You can also make a cycle using the ‘Tab’ key or cycle in reverse order using the ‘Shift + Tab’ keyboard combination. 

Reload Vehicle Picks

The ‘R’ (reload) key by default will restart you from the beginning of where you started (or last reloaded). It might sound like the usual thing but, this control can save you to some point. If your game is somewhat failing, you can reload immediately. While this will help you to get a start again, there is some lap success that now becomes your new starting point. Understand very well when to use this option, do not opt for this is you don’t want to lose your lap success. Note that retrying and reloading are two different keys. You will retry on the same game lap and reload when you want to do over the game laps.

Good Start Position

If you think that you grasp all the vital controls of the game, you need to learn how to position your vehicle. Simulate your vehicle to controls that you are most comfortable with. This enables you to do whatever you want to do, and if you need to start over, you can press the key you set to try it again.