When you think of weather-related illnesses for seniors, winters are usually considered a threat because the chances of annoying colds and other related illnesses increase when the air turns chilly. But have you stopped to consider that the summer season can also be dangerous for seniors? If not, you should think about the heat waves and how it can harm a seniors’ health.

 Now, if you are worried enough, you should read on to know 10 summer safety tips for the elderly that are worth it because they help a senior stay safe while enjoying the shining sun and all the glory it offers.

1. Hydration Matters:

The first thing that helps seniors to stay healthy during summers is staying hydrated. A person should aim for drinking at least 3 liters of water in a day to stay properly hydrated. If you want to track your water drinking habits, you can mark the water bottle or use a drinking reminder app. You can also try these tricks to drink more water. It is also smart to drink more water on the days you sweat more to stay healthy and happy.

2. Read Weather Reports:

As a senior, you should develop the habit of reading weather reports on a daily basis and plan your day accordingly. For instance, if you plan to visit a friend, make sure that you don’t do it on days when the temperatures are expected to reach new highs. In case you need to go, you should plan the trip during cooler hours of the day like later in the afternoon when the sun is not too hot as compared to noon time.

 3. Carry the Essentials with You:

In case you need to visit someone or do grocery shopping during the hot summer days, you should learn to carry all the essentials with you. These essentials vary from person to person. For a healthy senior, the essentials could be as simple as a first aid kit and a sunscreen while for a senior with respiratory issues, it could be carrying a nebulizer bought from Halo Healthcare.

 4. Stick to the Shade:

While going out on hot summer days, seniors should also consider sticking to the shade as much as possible. For instance, if you want to have lunch in a restaurant, do not sit outside the restaurant, instead, sit in the indoors and enjoy the view through glass walls that don’t let the heat seep through.

5. Shower or Bathe Every Day:

If you want to stay cool during summers, you should take a bath or shower at least once in every 24 hours. In case you can do it twice, once in the morning and once at night time, it would be awesome. It will ensure that the heat doesn’t get through your body and makes you unhealthy. Using a cool shower or bath gel might also help.

6. Dress Right:

Many people think that summer is a good excuse to show off their ripped bodies and get some appreciation. Though that may very well work for the young people, seniors shouldn’t be as bold. Instead, seniors should cover themselves up with light fabrics and consider wearing a cap to protect their head from the heat. Wearing shades and good shoes is also essential.

 7. Consider Air Conditioning:

If you can afford it, you should try and get your home fully air-conditioned. It will not only help you to stay cool at home when the sun is at its worse, but it will also offer instant relief if you come back home from an outside trip. Check out the central air conditioning prices before deciding in this regard.

8. Seek Air Conditioning Outside:

In case you can’t afford to invest in an air conditioning system at home, you should seek air conditioning when you go out. For instance, having a cup of tea in the evenings at a café nearby where air conditioning is excellent is a good idea.

9. Get Medical Advice:

Seniors often forget that change of seasons might impact the medications they are on. So, if you are a senior, you should make an appointment with your doctor and ask him or her about the same. A medical expert might change the medications or their dosage to make you feel less heated from the inside.

10. Don’t be Shy:

If the heat is getting to you and you need to rest rather than talk to a friend, then you should be honest about it. Tell the person that you are feeling hot and excuse yourself to sit in the shade or have some cool water. If you remain shy about it, you might end up landing in a problem like fainting on the spot when talking to friends in the park if the heat is too high. Always remember, better safe than sorry!