Leadership is the fundamental factor responsible for the growth of every person in life.  Great leaders motivate or inspire many followers and later they turn out to be successful with more or less everything in life.

Leaders are not really equivalent to god. They are simple human beings who have got an unthinkable charisma within them which can transform any person towards a better side.  According to Douglass Reeves a very renowned name is the world of leadership program stated that ‘A leader is someone who will make you do everything but only for your own good.

Here, we will be highlight some important traits of good leadership.  Leadership is defined as the way leader carries out his work.  The process of leadership continues over a long stretch of time giving every follower a huge motivational array of light.

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The important traits are of a good leadership are:

Awareness– A leader should be aware about everything happening around him.  Based on that, a leader can give ideas and suggestions to his followers. Along with the trait of being aware about everything, a leader should also be able to understand the things which take place. These two qualities can actually enhance a person to be a good leader.   Not only a general awareness but a leader should also be aware about the various activities of his followers. Analyzing those activities and then giving them proper suggestions to work out on various things is the actual task of a leader.

Decisiveness- Every leader should make tough decisions.  A leader should have a great power to analyze everything happening around.  Talking about this particular attribute it can be said that a leader knows when to apply what kind of strategies in order to successfully complete the work.  In certain situations tough decisions are made by them which may be quite foul and abstract in the first stage but at the end it will give a productive result for the benefit of the company. Being a good decision maker is the most important quality of a leader.

Empathy- Good leaders praise in public and address the various problems and short coming in private.  This helps the people to build up the motivation in a better way.  Empathizing is a very essential quality in being a good leader.  People may face various problems in the course of their work or in personal life. A Leader will not really show some clueless sympathy but will eventually try to get into the problem and give a solution to it.

Accountability- A good leader takes the entire responsibility for everyone’s performance.  A leader is accountable for every step that their followers take. This helps the followers to able to execute things because they know that if things gets wrong at certain point then leaders are there to solve out with wise decisions. So in order to be a good leader one should be accountable for every activity that the follower undergoes.

Confidence- Boosting up the confidence is another trait for a good leader.  The confidence is the main survival strategy for every people. The leaders are there to boost up every bit of hidden confident inside a person which sometimes gets lost over time.

Well, these are some of the positive attributes of a good leader. There are many in the list but the above are the basic and the most needed. Douglass Reeves, an important personality in the arena of leadership programs have written various books and journals which are essentially a need for every leader to survive in a better way and motivate their followers in the most sublime manner.