Stanozolol, the active chemical ingredient present in Winstrol is actually approved by the FDA for human use strictly for medical issues. Any other kind of usage of this chemical is officially banned in Canada along with Australia and the US. The basic reason behind the same might be, the misuse of the drug by many athletes and bodybuilders. Most of the sports persons use them to promote the growth of muscles, improve the nitrogen retention capacity and increase the protein synthesis. Being tempted by the list of benefits most users tend to overlook the risks involved.

The legal status

In Canada, Winstrol is probably the most prominent steroid and a standard choice amongst the novice as well as the seasoned users. But here the most valid question that crops up is, in Canada is it considered legal? Basically, in this country, all anabolic steroids fall under Controlled Drugs Schedule IV category. You will find that most of the professional sports commissions have put a ban on the drug Winstrol. The Canadian law prohibitsyou to sell it for any other reason apart from any medical cause. If you are planning to buy for any kind of recreational purpose like bodybuilding, then you are barred from purchasing and consuming it legally. So, users have to depend on the underground labs for its supply. These products may be dangerous for your health as the underground labs produce them illegally. The most prominent Winstrol supplier that sells legal steroids is the online stores. Here again, you will notice that the Canada based websites do not sell such prohibited steroids as they are legally not allowed to, so you have to purchase it form the websites outside Canada to avoid any kind of legal harassment. As per the Canadian law, suppliers of illegal drugs can be even penalized by the local law.

What you can expect

Some of the positive results you can expect from Winstrol are:

  • It enhances the nitrogen retention capacity of your body
  • Safe on your liver
  • Improves the process of protein synthesis
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Boosts your physical strength
  • It is available in three forms pills, syrup and injections
  • You can notice visible results in only 2 weeks
  • No prescription is required to buy
  • Is legally approved in most countries, unlike most steroids


Buy online

If you are in search of steroids in Canada, it is very important that you first understand the legal policy and do sufficient research before making any purchase. When it comes to anabolic steroids, as per the Canadian law you require a prescription to acquire them. Such prescriptions are issued only for medical purposes. So if you intend to purchase it for bodybuilding, you have to look for it in the black market. Also, the most prominent Winstrol supplier in Canada is the online stores where steroids are sold legally. Here you can conveniently place an order for  the steroid at a reasonable price and get it delivered quickly to your doorstep.