Every driver detests the sound of a grinding metal but there is no way of knowing when you will be involved in a fender bender. When this happens to you, it is hard to quickly compose yourself. After all, traffic incidents are stressful, chaotic and scary.

As a driver, you should at least know what to do when you get in a car accident. Here are the actions to take when you get in a minor car accident:

Immediately pull over and call 911
If you have just had a minor accident, your goal here is to get to safety. You should strive to get out of the line of traffic. Do not forget to turn your hazard lights on. If in case you cannot move the car because of the severe damage, you need to leave it where it is but ensure that you leave the hazard lights on.

After you have pulled off, the next thing to do is to call 911. You do this to report the accident even if no one is injured. The police will also come shortly. Remember that it is against the law to leave the scene. The penalties are severe so it is better to wait for police and 911.

Things to do at the accident scene
You have to ensure that you make the accident site highly visible. Although hazard lights can do this, it will be better if you have hazard road signs. The road signs should be placed on the road ahead of the accident scene to prevent further accidents.

what to do when you get in a car accident

You also have to check for fuel and other hazardous leaks. Keep in mind that a fuel leak is a fire risk. If there are commercial vehicles involved containing hazardous materials, maintain a safe distance as you wait for emergency support.

Gather data
You can start gathering data. While waiting for emergency support, you start by taking pictures. When it comes to accidents, information is the key. Do not rely on your memory because sometimes it is tricky to remember a horrifying event.

Aside from taking pictures, you should collect driver’s data like the insurance details, full name, address, driving license number and contact numbers. You should also get the vehicle data as well as driving conditions. Essentially, the goal here is to establish who is to blame for the accident.

You should also find witnesses and make a note of their numbers and names. More importantly, you should never admit liability. Gather the facts first and do not admit liability. If you admit liability, it can invalidate your insurance.

Things to do after the accident
If your vehicle is severely damaged, do not bother to drive it. You just have to remove your personal belongings. Even if you think you are fine, you should get a medical checkup. Do not forget to call your insurance company. Finally, seek legal counsel to help in your case.

When you are involved in a fender bender, it can be confusing but try to be calm and remember what to do when you get in a minor car accident so you will quickly come to your senses. Fortunately, the insurance claims will be quick to resolve.