Personality is actually aggregation of the qualities and certain characteristics which make a person distinct in its own way. It is not external but internal and innate qualities of the person that somehow reflects from outside. As the name specifies it belongs o a person’s. It is unique in every case and personality is built from the interest, surrounding, environment, education, occupation and mental attitude of the person. It is thus influenced by so many factors. Surrounding means society has great impact on the person’s personality. It is greatly influenced by the education of the people as well as life style of the people. All the inner thoughts and gestures when combined they form a personality which is innate. A person leads different lives in different field.


He behaves as a father with children, he lives professional life in office and his way of talking is different there. He is consumer in the market then how can we determine his actual personality. It is the actual a set of the qualities which for the personality of the people. It is formed by gross concentration on qualities bear by the person. It is influenced by the society, education and lifestyle. Personality of the person is greatly reformed with gross practice on certain values. Water like personality is assumed to be the best personality. In this personality accommodative feature of the person predominates.

Water when pour in any vessel take the shape of the vessel in the same way person who is adjustable in any sort of situation is the best personality bear person. He can combat with any situation with flexibility and efficiently. Due to the flexibility in his nature he can be adapted to any situation and as we talk about the law of nature only those creature will survive to the best result who can easily adjust themselves according to the conditions. In natural calamities most of the giant species get vanished but the most adaptable and strong species which would not be baffled by the consequences of the lean time survive for long time. Thus people with flexible personality will liked by the population and they are desirable and they have the guts to bear any drastic change in their life. Personality of the person helps him to get mix up in the society and imbibe all the values of the society in very swift way.