Football is a fascinating and incredible sport that exemplifies effectiveness, human spirit, and patience to win. Playing football may seem like an easy task but if you try it, you will find it difficult to some extent. Just like any kind of sports, you have to learn specific skills. It is one of the world’s most popular sports considering that over three hundred million players from over two hundred countries around the world are involved in the sport.

Duval Love Rams is a former American football tackle who has played professionally for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals, and Los Angeles Rams. He has been an Offensive Lineman who graduated from The University of California, Los Angeles or UCLA and played eleven years in the National Football League or NFL and made the Pro Bowl. As an offensive lineman; he has been in charge of making the scheme of the play occur, and their assignments differ depending on the play. He usually blocks a specific man or a specific area in a run play or settles in and does everything in a pass play to keep the defensive linemen from getting to the quarterback. Duval says that although he played for Rams, he has been a huge fan of Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings. He used to like them for their offensive line. However, Duval Love Steelers says that his dad has been the most influential person in his life. He has been like Duval’s big brother and a role model. At Fountain Valley High School Duval Love played prep football and at UCLA played college football. And like any other player, he wanted to convert his school football career to the professional league.


Duval Love Rams has played for Los Angeles Rams for almost seven years from 1985 to 1991 and then he went to Plan B free agency to Pittsburg. He has been trained by Bill Cowher and at present his favorite NFL team is Steelers. At the present time he is pursuing a career in coaching. Apart from this, he is working on a book right now however, his main goal, chief vision is to become a coach. He would like to be an assistant coach in the National Football League and that is his goal. He says that by becoming a coach he would assist the young kids to come up the positions and not make mistakes that he had made.

Apart from the love and passion for football, Duval Love Steelers loves basketball and is a huge fan of Lakers and Shaquille O’Neal. For the amateurs who dream of becoming famous footballers; Duval says that watching football goes a long way as far as learning the game and playing it is concerned. By watching live football matches one can learn the techniques and the methods that the professionals use. This is one way by which you can learn from the professionals. Another way is to take up coaching classes in reputed sport schools.