In order to turn objects, a tool called spanner is used. It helps in providing grip and torque to turn the objects to be rotated like nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. Spanner sets are available in different sizes that are used for different types of machinery. The spanners are also called as Wrenches and the most commonly used shapes are open-ended spanner and ring spanner. An open-ended spanner is a versatile tool used for opening nuts and bolts in many industries. They come as one-headed or two-headed spanners.

A ring spanner is a double-headed tool with looped heads on either side. The loop is placed on the bolt to be screwed and rotated. The most commonly used ring profile 12 point profile. There are many spanner manufacturers in India. They also export these spanners to different countries.

spanner set

Types of Spanners

 Basically, there are three types of spanners. Box end spanner, Combination spanner, and double open end spanners are commonly manufactured and exported to many countries. There are many spanner exporters in India, delivering high-quality spanners.

  1. Box end spanner: It consists of loop-like and closed heads on either side. It has a larger handle that makes easy to hold its grip. The recess frame handle design is used to hold it easily on hands and rotate the tools. It is made of Chrome vanadium steel material that has maximum durability and resistance to corrosion. The spanners are available in different sizes and sets.
  2. Combination spanner: It has a combinational design of both box end spanner and open end spanner. It is made of alloy-steel structure that is optimized to ensure high strength. Spanner exporters in India export almost thirty and more spanner sets.
  3. Double open end spanners: This is a normal type of spanner which is available at homes and industries. The design gives extra comfort and a high grip to hold. It has a largely sized handle and recess frame helps in providing maximum comfort.

How to choose a spanner?

  • Length: The length makes a huge difference in applying force. Longer the spanner, greater will be the torque. It is better to use spanners of great lengths.
  • Spanner profile: The profile of the spanner can affect the stability. The connection between the spanner and the fastener depends on the profile. High profile spanners like box spanners slip easily. Thus making it less versatile to use in industries.
  • Thick heads: The spanner with thick and wide heads tends to be stronger. It is because thick heads strengthen the entire spanner and help in providing tight contact with the fastener. Thus slipping cannot happen and reduce the damage.
  • Material: The quality of the tool gets easily affected by the material used in a spanner. The highest quality of the spanner is made of Titanium or steel with 1% of Vanadium. They are extremely durable and give great comfort to handle.

Spanner exporters in India deliver high-quality spanners in less time. The package is neat and shipping takes less time.