Cat trees can be the cutest for any kitten. Your cat will certainly have its own personal place to show all the vitality, play and personality that remain absolutely safe and healthy.

In addition, you will never have to worry that your cat will tear again and damage your furniture, as it now has room to emit all this energy.

Choosing the right Cat trees can be a very important option, since there are plenty to choose from in the market.

Here are some tips you can follow when choosing cat trees:

  1. Be sure to choose the right proportions and sizes for each cat. There must be at least one scratch post, platform and sleeping area.
  2. Know the exact amount of weight that a cat can easily bear. Just remember that the greater the weight load, the less dangerous the tree will be. Your Cat will not only lie around, but more likely to constantly bounce off of him.

In addition, not only will your cat join in the fun, but the dog and the young person may join the action from time to time. Of course, you do not want this to happen, but if it happened by chance, you do not want the tree to break. In addition, you can have a pair of cats playing together.

Cat trees

A scratching post is very important and should do its job effectively. Your kitty should use it, so you should feel happy. Sisal rope is the form of the material with which the pillar is to be covered. Whatever you do, you do not have a greased rope. In addition, get a heavier rope, since your cat will most likely be comfortable with it, and not with a thinner one.

It is allowed to use only the highest quality fabrics for the cat tree. Due to the large number of different types, finding the right one for your cat can be a problem. Creating your choice, be sure to purchase a product made of natural wood.

Treated wood may contain harsh chemicals that can put your cat in danger. Also, avoid using nylon material and stick to olefin carpet. Forget buying a product with this fake leather or flannel, because scratching your cat will quickly destroy it.

Understand how to build Cat trees. You must take into account the basic safety of your cat, as well as the duration of the tree, which will certainly serve you. Look for a product that is not made with nails, but alternatively with screws. Also, just forget about the components that stick, but you want things to be stitched as an alternative. This makes cat trees more reliable and, moreover, can last much longer.

It is very important that cat trees look beautiful in your home as an extra piece of furniture. Choose a product that looks good and does not protrude, like a sore thumb, in any part of the house.

Optimally, you should have a tree in a well-used part of the house near the living room or in the dining room, where most of the family is when they are at home.

Your cat really wants to be near you and will not use your little place if you are always alone in an isolated part of the house. Your Cat will not use it if it is always alone.


In conclusion, the use of cat trees has many advantages for both you and the cat. This gives your cat a place to play, scratch and arrange his small part of the house. Make sure that this is exactly what your kitty wants, and that it looks amazing in the room, so you also want it.