Gardening is an exciting activity that is done by many people. It becomes an exciting activity or a hobby, especially those plant lovers. But, planting and gardening don’t give you a good harvest sometimes. There are situations like pests attacks which is very stressful. You must protect the plants from any possible pests attack by putting up a copper mesh. It helps the plants to grow healthily and free from snails and slugs attacks. Thus, the plants will be protected by this kind of copper wire system.

The features

These meshes features are consist of a knitted copper wire specifically designed for garden use. It is designed for covering the ground, plant stems, and plant pots. So,  it prevents the rats and any other pests that have plans to attack the plant. The slugs and snails can cross on the areas where you put up the knitter wire. Once they attempt to cross the copper wire, there will be a small electrical charge that deflects them. This is perfect for those who are doing organic gardening. By putting up this kind of copper wire system, it is a humane way to control the molluscs in the garden. So, it will be safe for wildlife, pets, and even to your children. It has a feature that can be used for rats.

Mesh for pests prevention 

Pests can only be stopped if they are tracked with the right mesh. But, there is an intended mesh for different pests control. So, if you have snails and slugs, you must look for the right mesh for that. It can be useless if you are buying a mesh for mice. So, you must be specific in selecting the right mesh. Some gardeners that are not aware of this type of mesh, then they must look for it now. This can be a beneficial tool for their gardens.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, the copper mesh is very safe to use. It is not dangerous and not flammable. If others think that it might cause burn, it is not. This is the reason why most gardeners are looking for this kind of mesh because it is very safe and easy to use. It doesn’t give you any problem because it is harmless for human. It becomes dangerous only for pests. So, you can start with the day of being productive. You can say goodbye to that annoying pests and mice that roamed around your garden day and night. It is 100% non-flammable and very safe to use because it is made of copper. Plus, the copper wire is an access control device. It prevents any insect, pest, birds and even rats entering in the holes. It has a corrosion-resistant and durable feature compared to steel wool.