A region or country has its own specialties in certain aspects which later on become the part of their recognition. Culture is the actually a trend and age long life style of the people which become the special characteristics of that country. It is the culture which guides the person to lead the life. It will enumerate the best way to survive in the region. A culture created by the society and the people living in the society. It is the reflection of the life styles and the many aspects in which people of the nation give emphasis. In desert land plants are scaled and they bear lots of spines in order to compensate the scarcity of the water and they will easily adopt in water less land. In the same way a culture endorses great impact on the mind if the people living in that region so that they can change their life style accordingly and get adjusted to the society.


Culture includes the way off the living, giving preference to some issues, performing basic rituals which are prevalent in that region and they also direct the people to lead the life. Culture denominates the specification of the art and customs of the region. It is the backbone of the society and it is the basis of the origin. It is a belief and it has some values which are moral in character. Thus culture refers to the recognition of the society it is the basic and firm foundation which give the people living in that area and identity. There are specific languages which are spoken in that particular culture; it makes you distinguish from other region by imparting a characteristic to you.

In broad way a culture is the combination of the languages, arts, behavioural pattern as well as customs which are restricted to an area. It gives the person his identity and makes him integral part of the society. Culture shows us the way to lead the life. It gives guidance and it will also guide us to take the right as well as wrong decision of the life. There are some taboos in the society which are recommended by the culture of the society to lead the life in very smooth and prosperous way. Thus culture plays very vital role in reforming the life of the people living in the particular society