There are many states in the northern part of the country that are attached to the mighty Himalayas. One such state is Himachal Pradesh that is referred aptly as the “Snowy mountainous region”. It is said to be blessed by nature and well known for its outstanding beauty and charm. This place has always been a major tourist attraction due to its snow-clad mountains, alpine forests combined with lush green surroundings. The very environment is extremely pleasant and entertaining. Himachal Pradesh for time immemorial has been among the popular and most sought-after tourist destinations. People come from all walks of life to explore the natural beauty. There are plenty of sightseeing places of interest that is likely to grab tourist attention.

Booking Dalhousie Mcleodganj Dharamshala trip

One of the most visited tourist destinations in the package given above is Dharamshala. It is stated to be currently the abode of the great Dalai Lama, who had come down here with his loyal followers seeking refuge here. This place is well known for its mesmerizing, picturesque beauty and hence, can be a favorite spot especially for nature lovers. Travelers are impressed with its natural beauty and serenity. This place is also known to offer various recreational activities such as rock climbing, trekking, fishing and other exciting adventure based sports and water activities.

Some prime tourist spots to visit in Dharamshala

  • McLeod Ganj: It is the home to Dalai Lama, where one can seek his advice and blessings. This place is also full of peace and calmness and just fabulous for those seeking solace. There are several sacred places here like monasteries and churches. It is filled with tranquillity and spirituality. The tourists can visit the Tibetan market and get to buy the beautiful handicrafts that are worth the purchase and carry home the memories of the place.
  • Dal Lake: This lake is oval shaped and is only 11 km distance from Lower Dharamshala. Here, tourists can get to experience the lake’s breath-taking view. It is during September month that one should visit here to enjoy the annual fair which is held on its banks.
  • Chamundi Devi Temple: This holy temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is located about 15kn away from Dharamshala main town. It is an ancient temple that is visited by pilgrimages. This shrine is considered to be of great significance due to the belief of the devotees attaining salvation. This temple is located on a hilltop and offers the visitors with a captivating view of the dense forest and high mountains, thus leaving the person completely spellbound.
  • John’s Church: This magnificent church was constructed in 1852 and popular for its beautiful architecture. Beautiful deodar trees are said to enclose this church, thus offering the tourists with eye pleasing view of the entire place. The tourists in huge numbers visit this place to pray and enjoy its tranquil ambiance.

It is without a doubt that Dharamshala tour is among the preferred tours availed by both domestic and international travelers, every year.