In the world of thermostats, Nest has been the first name. It is Nest that set the trend of smart thermostats that will be game for smart homeowners to use and to afford. Among all thermostats, it evidently used to be the best and most sought-after thermostat in the market till Ecobee3 Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat penetrated the thermostat market. Therein began the tassel, ecobee3 vs nest. For the very first time, Nest Learning Thermostat has a strong contender. Both Ecobee3 as well as Nest are highly reputed brands but seem to be in a constant race. It is the W-Fi Thermostat sensor of Ecobee3 that exceeds all features of the Nest.

The ecobee vs nest is the struggle for the position of market leader. Particularly for smart homes that are larger in size, Ecobee3 with its newest features will best suit in comparison to the Google-developed Nest thermostat.

Time to check out the features of Ecobee3!


The design of Ecobee3 says it all. It’s like the centre of attraction. The design is more Apple inclined and it is fully compatible with all devices of Apple. As a matter of fact the entire Apple HomeKit is supportive. Not just that, it is also compatible to the Android Software. 320*480 pixels is the resolution of the sleek LCD touch screen. Unlike the Nest this product is not as heavily reliant on Learning. The Ecobee 3rd gen is truly self-learning. Despite all of it, the best thing about the functionality of Ecobee3 is that it can be controlled and accessed conveniently via mobile devices. The flexibility of Ecobee3 with both Apple as well as free Android App acts as a major advantageous difference between the two. Let the thermostat plan way ahead in time the temperature settings that best suit you in specific times.


Even though the end functions are similar, the Nest and the Ecobee3 has been structured differently. When you are on the verge of purchasing a thermostat product make sure you cross check the two main pointers, one being the strength of the sensors and the learning system as the second is its energy saving potentials. If these two are the best features, know that it is a top notch thermostat like the Ecobee3. Its remote sensors around the house are masters in determining both the presence of a person inside the house and also the in-house temperature. The weather forecasting feature and its ability to be adjusted to the optimal temperature is incomparable and also save considerable amount of energy. In case of an empty house, this thermostat goes into auto power-saver mode. This product works on smart schedules going by the general rules.


When compared to Nest, the Ecobee 3rd Generation consumes more time to be completely installed. There are several steps involved in the completion of the installation process which might be overbearing at times. But, once that is done, you are ready to go. In case of any issues, do consult with the Ecobee3 support team and watch simple online installation videos.

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