Two wonder creations of the God are nature and man. Nature is innate complete in itself and it took a long time for the man to reach at the fully completion point under the inculcation in nature. These two are integral part of the universe. We have taken yet utilized every tinge of the nature to get perfection in our life. But we are not in symbiotic relation with it rather we are consuming it, degrading it drastically. Silhouetted reflection of the nature’s remains provoke with wonder gesture is that crime to flourish the myriad of creatures of this universe like mother does? Although there are so many revolutions and protocols to save the nature but all are in vain. Man is the protagonist throughout the history and he is rule maker as well as breaker.

He the grandeur somewhere has forgotten that his existence lies in the lap of nature. He will be vanished away and it is obvious we are getting rendezvous with so many natural calamities which were potent enough to destroy the existence of the mankind. Natural calamities are also as a result of the human activities. In order to create kingdom of our dreams and to simplify the living standard we have utilized the nature to much extent but in this way we are not making our life comfortable but more complicated by calling life threatening diseases. Earlier people used to be nourished in the lap of the nature. They used to consume it and also cared it. They grow so many plants and trees to get the benefit from the nature. And that relation was somewhat symbiotic in itself.

People used to eat healthy meal full of natural ingredients they were away from the effect of the chemicals and pollution. We are changed from raw concept of preparing food to the fried concept which is unhealthy and unhygienic as a result we have to cope with the deadly diseases in spite of development in medical science and technology. Moreover nature has its own way to nourish and protect the people who choose it. Nature is like a mother who cares about the children, provides food to eat, medicine to cure and wood to construct home. Thus all the basic needs of the man which are food, shelter and clothes are fulfilled by the nature. If you want to save civilizations then first save the nature.