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What is the most emoji cushion in your country?

Do you know that each country has its own favorite Emojis pill ?! We will shed an interesting light on the use of emoji in all corners of the world. We all know that, including states, there are many differences such as traditional local dance, traditional dance, popular sites and different languages. But that’s not all the difference in the United States!

A new study shows that each country has a favorite Emojis pillow based on shopping, quizzes and web searches.

  • Emoji Unan
  • A British emoji is an emotional group, and especially content: a happy face is 44.8% of all emo pillows sent to the country.
  • People in Britain have also paved the way for emotionally sculpted faces.
  • Canadians are the coolest, they use a lot of money and emoji pillows for sports.
  • On the other hand, the French are the most likely. They use the heart of the emoji pillow four times like any other country, proving that something in this myth is an old romantic lot.
  • Australians regarded a student as a hedonistic world of emoji. They reproduce wine symbols abroad and 65% more emoji-related parties. Australians are also using emoji numbers for junk food and holidays.
  • Unpredictable, depending on the size of the country, Americans end up using emoji in many places: birthday parties, support for the LGBT community, and its skull items!

Incredibly, the Russians use the most popular emoji of the time. They do not want to warm up? So each country has a choice, and you? You can choose from our different beautiful emoji pillows in the link below and enjoy the free shipping and mega sweet touch!