Dissemination of information is crucial to everyone since states facts about important things. It should be concise, accessible and visible so it can be easily obtained and filter out the much-needed facts. That is why in an essential building like hospital, schools, church and government offices uses the bulletin board to disseminate facts to the public.

Even with the advancement of the technology and access to the internet, it is more convenient to use the bulletin board to post important announcements and information. It is because the internet is too vast and it will be hard for the public to filter the facts they need. There is also fraudulent information on the internet which can confuse people further more.


The medical bulletin board is quite essential to guide patients in the process and flow of medical checkups and schedules of the doctors. Some medical institute even utilizes the board to spread awareness regarding some severe diseases. A good example of it is spreading threatening facts about first hand and second-hand smoking supplemented with gruesome pictures.

Some hospitals also put medical news and innovative medicines to increase the publicity of new treatment to severe diseases. They also put inspirational quotes to encourage the patients to be honest with their doctor and not to be afraid to receive medical treatment.


In the hallways of most of the educational institute are bulletin boards used for important announcements. School faculties disseminate information to students regarding the class. School also put up informative facts regarding scholarship, student jobs and free services like counseling. Seminars and training can also be posted to increase the visibility and attendance of such activities to the students.

But most importantly, it is used to spread facts and awareness of the school rules and campaigns like anti-bullying, health, and creativity. Clubs in university also use this medium as a medium to recruit new members and showcase features of their activity.


The importance of the outside church signs is to inform the public of the schedule and the name of the preacher that will conduct of the mass. The church also uses this medium to spread the teaching and the words of God. Also, they use it to present events like charity and seminars to attract attendees throughout the society.

Local Government Offices

Bulletin board is most likely utilized by the government. They list the procedures and requirements that the public need to know especially in acquiring permits and renewal of licenses.  It is also the guideline for the public in determining the proper process in the availing the services of the local government agencies.

It is also used to spread the news about the movement of the government which has an impact on the society and the public. It also increases the visibility of hotlines for emergency and anti corruption campaigns.

Even if the bulletin board is an old medium of disseminating information to the public, it is still the most effective and accurate depiction of the facts that everyone needs. Bulletin board will stay relevant even with the advancement of the technology. As of now, websites also use bulletin board so that the visitors can easily traverse through the site.