Looking at potency of the concentrates with vaping, the pre-filled cartridges seem to be an easy and discreet way of consuming cannabis, no matter whether you use this recreationally or medically. You might have heard about them referred as the disposable wax pens, pre-loaded cannabis cartridges or hash oil pens. When it is about portability, functionality, and ease of use, Pre filled vape cartridges Canada appear to be the best choice.

Why Select Pre-Filled Cartridge?

You will find a lot of benefits of using the pre-filled cartridges; some we have outlined here. Whereas you might have your reasons of vaping cannabis, but here are some primary reasons that people switch to the easier method. In the same way, it is useful for the beginners unsure about making this switch.


To screw the pre-filled vape cartridge in base, turn on its base, and hit it makes it simple to use. You do not have to wait for hours or days for making these edibles, you will have equal or intense effects with the pre-filled pen. For people who are struggling to empty the cashed bowl & reload it, the pre-filled vape cartridges are easier and faster.


The concentrates are highly concentrated versions of cannabis strain they are normally labeled as. But, if you are new to the cannabis concentrates or with low tolerance must remember how much they are consuming. Sadly, it will catch up faster than you have had the moment to register.

Using Pre-filled Cartridge Rightly

Here’re a few helpful tips to use the pre-filled cart for a first time.

  • There are devices that are draw-activated and others might need to press the button to vape.
  • There’s not any learning curve. You need to attach the cartridge to battery and ensure it is charged. Most of the devices want you to press fire button 5 times.
  • Start with the small 3 to 5 second puffs thus you will be able to gauge potency of oil, and THC effects. Also, you can take another puff, thus do not overdo it.
  • You can experiment with raising its voltage for the stronger hit, however if it begins to taste dry and burnt, get a notch before damaging this coil.
  • Suppose your device lets you adjust its voltage, begins at a lowest possible setting.

Make sure you get the right cartridge for your device and it won’t hurt to have some backups with you.