Pay a visit to Surat, one of the top commercial cities of Western India. Apart from the various historical sites which everyone talks about, pay a visit exploring the commercial part of the city via its markets and shopping establishments. This article gives you a look into the shopping scene of Surat.

Surat is the second biggest city in Gujarat, very celebrated from a tourism perspective. It is situated on the bank of River Tapti and was a noteworthy port in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. As indicated by the prevalent view, the city was established by Gopi, a Nagar Brahmin, who rose to be the Prime Minister in the Sultanate of Gujarat, under Mahmud I and Muzaffar II. Aside from this, the city additionally has the refinement of being the primary European settlement in India. It was additionally host to the Dutch and the Portuguese. In the beginning of the seventeenth century, the East India Company built up its warehousing office. It is due to this historical ties that make a Surat a great place for sightseeing and a popular tourist attraction.

The best time to visit Surat is during the months of October to February as the summers are scorching hot. The city can be approached from any part of the country. Patna to Surat train is one of the most common trains coming into the city apart from the other major cities in the country. Surat is a much loved shopping destination in Gujarat and is likewise a noteworthy trade center of Western India. In the older times, it was a critical port with element exchange exercises. The age old commercial exchange still exists in the city. In Surat, there are various spots to shop from and things to browse. With the ebb of time, the city has advanced and turned out to be exceptionally popularized. In this manner, it can without a doubt be called as a shopper’s paradise. It is well known for its textile, handlooms and craftsmanship industry.


The materials and precious stones of Surat are surely understood. It is situated on the southwestern piece of Gujarat and there are numerous unmistakable spots to visit in Surat. This is a city that is transcendent with its rich historical past, craftsmanship, and engineering. Subsequently, it has pulled in the consideration if heaps of vacationers to visit the great destination. On the off chance that you need, you can likewise arrange out a trek to this wonderful and acclaimed city that has a lot of things in store for you.

It is said that one out of each five sarees is made in Surat. It has an immense saree market which is an unequaled hit amongst ladies. The Zari work of the city is well known in the whole nation. There are various shops in Surat, which have some expertise in the Zari work utilizing silver and gold strings. These sarees are an unquestionable requirement purchase thing for each lady’s closet. Aside from this, you will likewise discover sarees enhanced with works of kinari and salma.

A noteworthy amount of world’s jewels is cut and polished in Surat. It even procures remote trade of jewels to the US and different nations. Hence, jewellery shops are additionally found in wealth here. Something else for which the city is known is its diamond Industry. During any celebrations and the marriage season, the business sectors of Surat are overflowed with individuals. Individuals from the nation over visit the city to purchase choice sarees and adornments. You can likewise purchase things brightening things of wood, tin and ivory. Silver work is additionally very prevalent here. You can purchase local expressions and artworks from the State Emporiums.

One you have explored all that you have to see and buy all that you need to, you can head back by catching a train back to your destination of origin. Incase you have an unconfirmed ticket at hand, you can always check for the PNR prediction and get a clear idea if your ticket will have been confirmed by the date of the journey, if not, book some other train, or look for another means of transport.