Urology surgery as the name suggests deals with the reproductive problems in both sexes. It is likely that the surgeons may operate on the bladder or the genitals. The chances of reconstruction of the urinary tract are also an option. At one end of the spectrum urology surgery does boast of a series of minimal evasive procedures that could deal with delicate structures. One out of six does suffer from urinary tract problems. In such cases urology surgery is the best course of action to solve the problems.

When is the time to head to an urologist?

The first major symptom that would make you head to an urologist is frequent urination. You are likely to face difficulty in urination or it could be accompanied by a burning sensation. In certain cases patients notice blood in their toilet seat or tissue paper. In case of other parents they face the difficulty to urinate during the night. It is a trend that men may go on to visit an urologist and verify the claims that they are suffering from erectile ds functioning. It is common that a voluntary leakage of urine could also be expected.

The doctor is likely to ask you to be part of routine tests and this does include physical examination as well. The common tests suggested are that of blood or urine. Possible X rays or pelvic examination could also be suggested at this time. It is not that tests are scheduled on the day of the visit as sometimes it is given at a later date. For example an examination of the bladder is not going to happen on the first date of the visit. Once the diagnosis is figured out you need to discuss all the treatment options with your doctor.

How do you plan to prepare for the surgery?

The mere fact that when you are informed that surgery is an option will send shivers down your spine. But hold on! There are some important questions that you can ask the urologist before you opt for the surgery. This is going to gain trust in them and you are well prepared on what all is expected during the course of surgery. When you go for an appointment prepare a list of questions that you have in your mind. There are some take away from an appointment which are mentioned below

  • Could you throw light on the surgery and how it is going to benefit me as a person
  • Is the surgery need to happen straight away or do I need to wait
  • What is the expected outcome if I decide to undergo this surgery
  • What are the risks and how long am I expected to recover from the surgery

A visit to the top urologist in India is recommended on all counts as they have a proven track record. Even the doctors who are practicing their skill sets in India are of the highest order. They are generally affiliated with the top hospitals of the country.