When most business is sourcing products from Asian countries the importance of third party inspection service provider is felt more. As the products are not manufactured at your own factory you cannot watch them as and when required. Thus, what you can do?

Get different inspections done that will ensure you about the condition of the factory, the nature of the supplier and of course the quality of the product. KRT Audit Corporation is such third party inspection company who are based in United States of America but work in 14 different export driven countries in Asia.

Who are KRT?

As mentioned, KRT Audit Corporations https://www.krtinspect.com/ mainly deals with third party inspection that is carried on in different countries in Asia. They do different types of inspection that includes

  • Product and shipment inspection
  • Factory and Supplier Audit
  • China business verification
  • Laboratory testing services

They do in-depth supplier or factory audit to let you know about the exact situation of the supplier. Their shipment inspections are also detailed which ensures that things are not done randomly. Their lab testing services are also accredited in different Asian countries like China, India, The Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.  They are Amazon FBA seller preferred agency and that tells about their inspection services.

In order to carry on these inspections they have 575 professional inspectors, dedicated office personnel, expert auditors who are doing this for many years. Their experience helps in providing you the exact report that will give you right insight about the supplier you are working with. KRT takes prides in serving importers from 70 different countries of the world.


What type of products do they deal with?

It’s not only auditing suppliers, but KRT also inspect products and give you detailed reports on them. They have expertise of handling more than 100 types of products. They can be categorized into Soft goods, hard goods and industrial products.

Soft goods includes Fabrics, Raw Textiles, Footwear, Headwear, Handbags, Belts, Gloves, Scarves, Paper, Stationery Goods, Apparel, Garments, Cosmetics, Fragrances, Backpacks, Luggage, Table Cloths, Napkins, Personal Care, Bedding, Towels  and Plush Toys

Hard Goods includes Motorcycles, ATV’s Writing Instruments, Home Appliances, Home Electronics, Home Décor, Sporting Goods, Automotive Parts, Construction Materials, Cookware, Dinnerware, Furniture, Lighting, Computers, Printers, Hardware, Tools, Cameras, Telecom and Children’s Toys.

Industrial goods includes Bearings, Gears, Valves, Castings, Stampings, Steel, Stainless Steel, Equipment, Machinery, Electrical Components, Wiring, Hosing, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Electrical, Electronics, Tubing, Piping, Welding, Glass, Raw/Moulded Plastics, Chemicals, Solvents, Fuel Cells, Pumps and Motors.

What makes KRT the leader?

When it comes to third party inspection you can always rely on KRT because they provide you with the best services. They work for 12 hours and not 8 hours. That ensures that the reports are taken by presenting on site for more time. They can communicate with you as per your timings. There will be no lapse in time because of the time gap. Their offices in Asia are working as per your convenient. They do not rely on supplier referrals. Thus you get the genuine reports that will give you right insight about the supplier or the product.