AR-11Form, it is a mandatory form of United State to be filled up by the each residential of the country in this form the filling the changing address of your residence is to be filled up and submitted by the person to the attorney general of the country as per the imaginary and nationality act. The form is available by both meths of offline in paper form that is required to submit directly to the office or via courier and online too and for filling the form online all you have to do is just visit

Some general details form AR-11 processing

As while filling any form one must go through the rules of the form and what are the terms and conditions of that particular form so that here are some general instructions given on the form AR-11 is given:

  • All the requested and mandatory data is required to be filled like- name, father’s name, old address, new address, DOB, registration number, etc.
  • It is mandatory to fill the form within 10 days an individual has entered in the country
  • Processing takes up to two to three weeks in form competition
  • Form available in both way offline and online, while in offline the physical form is required to be submitted to the office EAC, WAC,SRC, etc., and for online all you have do is just to open the portal and fill the form and click submit and wait for the approval, copy file appearsto save it for future need and the registration and applicant number is most important to save.
  • Directly submission to the office and portal are available

immigrationWhy is it necessary to fill the form AR-11?

It is important and necessary for every individual to fill the form due to the cases of immigration status, in which all your details and benefits for that case are linked up with your residential address. In case of visa and citizenship of the country, one should have their applicant number of the form if pending by USCIS as the proof of submitted member which will be considered as the form for the current time until the form approval doesn’t come if failure to submit the citizenship  AR-11 Form will be punishable and penalty and charges will be applicable to the individual for not submitting the residential proof and can not be the part of immigration status of the country.

 In case of any doubt and confusion, one can easily get in touch for their status of form submission, in cases the form is submitted but the receipts of approval haven’t received and other issues to the customer care service of the commissions via number given on the website of the organization and online.