As Indians we all must have heard about the word dharma, it is something we all have read and studied about in our history lessons in schools but there are still many of us who do not know the right meaning of  what is dharma. “Dharma” is a Sanskrit word which was mainly used by Lord Buddha in his teachings; and in simple words it means following the path of righteousness. In the Hindu culture it means the eternal traditions and faith of the people but it should not be confused with the word religion.

Dharma and religion are two different things; religion is a sect founded by a person and it is something where people share the same views, tradition and text while dharma on the other hand is the way of leading the right path of life. So these are two different words which are often confused with each other.

How to attain dharma?

There are various paths through which one can attain dharma and find one’s true path, following one of these paths can help you in finding the right dharma.

  • Follow the path of joy; one should always think about what makes him/her happy? Whatever you like or find your happiness in is where your dharma and the true purpose of life lie. Following the path of joy that gives you peace and happiness is the true dharma. So find that gives your happiness and joy.
  • Whether we believe it or not there is something that always guides us in taking the right decision and following the right path. So look for that guiding light and you will find your path of purpose and dharma.
  • Letting go is a very important virtue which we all should learn about; let of your past of your old self and try being someone you can be. Learn to let go of things that are not that valuable and unessential this way you will be able to find the right purpose of your life which would help you meet your dharma.
  • Incorporate a good practice in your life, practice yoga or meditation this will lead you to the right path and make you calm and composed. Dharma can be attained if one tries to become more ritualistic.

Dharma is the path of righteousness that is not easy to follow but it can be attained if one tries to incorporate the right things in life.