In our day to day lives, metals and compounds have been sharing a great deal of space as such. Everything that we have been using in our daily routine, if noticed, has at least a pinch of metal in it. For example, the buses we travel are made of metals, the house foundation has metals, the vehicles and even the pollutants that they release out have metals in them. Apart from metals, the chemical compounds are found almost everywhere on earth today. For instance, even the curry that we consume has the chemical compound NaCl (Sodium chloride ) in the form of salt, the water that we consume is a chemical compound H2O. These way chemical compounds make an integral part of our day to day routine.

  • Occurrence of the compound:

Whereas, some of the chemical compounds are rarely found. Some of the compounds are easily obtained. For example, glucose is a chemical compound that you keep seeing all throughout your life, that too, regularly. One such compound that is regularly found in nature is calcium titanate. This particular compound is abundantly found in the nature in high volumes itself. It mostly occurs in the nature in the combined states with oxides and it has to be extracted in order to obtain it in its purest form and to put it into use.

calcium titanate

  • Organic and inorganic compounds:

Generally, there are two kinds of compounds that we come across in our day to day life. They are the organic compounds and the inorganic compounds. Organic compounds are those compounds which have the direct bonding with the C ( carbon ) atom. Inorganic compounds are those compounds which are not bonded with the carbon atom and do not contain carbon atom itself. Calcium titanate falls under the category of inorganic compounds and does not contain carbon atom in it.

  • How the compound was given the name:

The chemical formula of the compound is as CaTiO3. It has one calcium atom, one titanium atom and three oxygen atoms which are combined together. This particular mineral was actually initially founded by the Russian mineralogist named L. A. Perovski (1792- 1856 ).  Because of the name of the mineralogist who actually figured out that such a compound exists, this particular compound is being called as the Perovskite, after the founder’s name.

  • Different names that are used:

Since all the countries and nation around the world use different names for different compounds, in the same way, this particular compound is also referred by many other names. It is also known as calcium titanium trioxide, because it has three oxygen atoms bonded to it.