PPC marketers are always on the lookout for new tactics and strategies to improve their performance. The constant drive to do better in PPC campaigns is always rampant as there is an investment going into these efforts. Unlike SEO where there is a mutual understanding that outcomes take time to bear fruit, PPC results are expected at a much faster rate. This is because there is direct money riding on these campaigns.

Most PPC professionals in the industry are actually technically trained and well-drilled to deal with the pressure of running a campaign. However, there is a clear difference when it comes to having the nouse to be creative and tactically clever to deliver results. Unlike SEO where content brilliance can effectively hide all other flaws, a PPC campaign has to be run with a tactical outlook.

In this article, we discuss how a broad match keyword plan works well with remarketing and make a great tactical option when used together.

Broad Match Problems

Broad match keyword strategies don’t work all the time because the audience the ads reach are too large and have varying interests. Generally, a narrow audience is what marketers should target as its easier to understand the interests and motivations of a smaller segment of people.

A broad match keyword strategy goes against this simple rule and often drives irrelevant traffic to the money page of a business.

How Remarketing Solves Broad Match Problems?

The problem in a broad match keyword strategy is that the audience is too broad. By bringing remarketing into the mix, PPC marketers can ensure that out of the large sample size of possible broad match audiences, the ad reaches people who have previously interacted or clicked on related ads.

This is a clear demarcation and directly reaches audiences who have taken an action before.

Remarketing along with broad match keyword startegy is an interesting tactical option and one that can deliver good results. When looking to make a tactical change for better results, PPC professionals should consider using remarketing along with broad match keywords.

In Conclusion

PPC is a broad topic & I also suggested top Digital Marketing Course Institutes to include it in their curriculums. When running a PPC campaign, marketers study and deploy a lot of different methods to maximize the money invested in the effort. This is natural considering PPC tends to involve a heavy investment from the advertisers which in turn increases the pressure for a reasonably good ROI. In this article, we discussed how broad match and remarketing can help increase the general ROI of a PPC campaign.

About the Author – Shemanth Santh is a PPC marketing trainer and executive with seven years of experience in the field. He also serves as the mentor for the digital marketing course in Delhi offered at DelhiCourses.in.