Nowadays monitoring process is very important and it is commonly used by the people in major cases. Whether to monitor the activities of the employees or the children, mobile spy software are currently used in major count. There are lots of advantages available in installing the spy software in their mobile. In these recent times, the usage of smartphone is very high among people. The most wanted and the most used mobile application is whatsapp. Since the use interface is too easy it has achieved a great reach among the people. As a result, it has become the app that is available in the smartphone of everyone without failure. But for the parents and the employers, it is essential to monitor them. This can be achieved with the aid of the whatsapp spy. It is the spy software that is used to monitor the activities of the people over the whatsapp. The conversations, calls, text and everything will be recorded and sent to the person who installed it in the particular mobile phone.

The details will be sent either as the sms or the mail. It can set by the people who want to monitor the activities. There are lots of software applications available in the software category. Among them you should find the right one for you. You can either buy the application from any of the service provider or you can download from the internet. According to the need of yours you can choose.

When you choose the free version, you can able to access only the basic feature. If you buy the software from any of the reliable service provider you can able to have the advanced features. That might help you to take care of your need in a great level.  In case, if you are going to buy the software then you should contact the service provider and get to know about the features and the specifications of the software in clear. This will make you to take decide on whether to select the particular or not.