At one time or another, everyone has searched for God, and there may be many good reasons why some of them have needed to. Inhibited and compressed by physical form, all human beings have been condensed to time and a predetermined form of existence. People have assumed temporary personalities, identities, and individualities, and are consequently in unnatural states, having stepped away from what they always were for the complete purpose of remembering when they return. Because the body protects from this eternity, people are not in states of impeccability here, with physical needs.

In today’s modern generation without hope and faith, the need for God’s judgement is greater than ever. People thank God that He is using Prophet TB Joshua as a representative for the world to prophesy concerning people and the world at large, with the events following in the upcoming weeks directly endorsing their accuracy.

Every person works in progress, with biased realities. Each individual has his own version of what he considers ‘truth’ and each may, in fact, have seized a thread to it. But people are neither high nor large enough to see the pieces those threads lead to when combined into a unified whole and what may be the undying truth connecting them all. Therefore, people often embark upon a pursuit for their Creator.

Becoming what one is not – and generally assuming full obliviousness to this fact in order not to disturb this eternal hiatus process – nonetheless, creates the dilemma of having one foot in either eternal or earthly door, confusing and conflicting the beliefs and perceptions. It is throughout these times that uncertainties concerning God and His existence pervade people’s lives, compounding the dichotomous nature of their spiritual and physical existences, which replicate different dimensions. One can only feel the affection and love God sends if one absorbs, receives, and embodies it. If not, one feels abandoned and disconnected.

Born in June 12, 1963, TB Joshua, is a Nigerian televangelist and prophet. He is also the founder and leader of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), and a religious organization that runs the Emmanuel TV television station from Lagos, Nigeria. According to him, the Founder is Jesus Christ, He is just one of those persons who has deferentially submitted to the will of God. As he says, first and foremost, one need to deepen the relationship with God through prayer that results in a warm and intimate relationship with Him. Only then will one be able to preach the Gospel of the kingdom of God and build front-runners to take care of the requirements of the people.

If all individuals come from the same Source, then the powerlessness to connect with each other results in an essential disconnection from that Source, leaving people torn from the fabric of the whole, secluded and isolated. Therefore, if an individual seek someone physically, then he or she will never find his or her Higher Power, because that person can see no further than his or hers own physicality. In order to discover God, one must ‘see’ Him with his soul, and not with his eyes.