If you are thinking about consuming steroids to build muscles and take part in bodybuilding contest then you should read this article. In this article, I am going to tell you “Myth” about taking steroids. Basically, steroids are drugs which are used to treat many diseases like in the case of testes removal due to testicular cancer, abnormality associated with the pituitary gland, cancer due to loss of muscular tissue, sexual disorder and much more.

These drugs are also used to enhance the immune system and the metabolism too. These drugs are commonly used for gaining muscle, reproduction and bones mass. It also caters a way to heal the inflammation and several medical conditions.

Steroids affect different part of the body

These steroids damage the whole body and have injurious effects on the body. Many sports person consume steroids but they always deny knowing about the effects of steroids. People should know that the drugs which are responsible for altering the homeostasis of the body will surely have an effect on the body. Let’s read more to know about the steroid affecting your body and your career of bodybuilding too.

Let’s start from head to toe

  • Hair – the person who takes the steroid, sometimes they experience the problem of baldness. They are found in both genders. We cannot say that consuming steroid only effects male or female. This happens because when we consume steroid it coverts your level of testosterone into DHT. DHT means dihydrotestosterone. This results in shrunken of hair follicles and results in temporary baldness.
  • Brain – it has diverse effect on brain too. A person who takes this regularly suffers from the psychotic disorder. Extreme mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, depression, personality changes are some example of this disease. This happens because of steroid abuse.
  • Face – steroids leads to retention of water which further leads to oedema. The person will get chubby cheeks and round big face. Many types of research also claim that taking supplements lead to facial hairs also. It also affects voice of the person as it becomes husky and people can face a problem of bad breath also. Acne is also a major problem that one can face.
  • Eyes – infection in eyes is also a problem which a person can have if he or she consumes steroids.
  • Heart – if you are fond of using steroids then you must read this carefully. Due to consumption of steroid person can have problem cholesterol which further considered as the main cause of heart disease? Steroids are also responsible for the clots form in the blood vessels and it leads to cardiac arrest.
  • Liver – it affects one of the main organ of the body i.e. is liver. It also helps to wipe out toxins from the body. Liver damage and liver cancer are diseases which can be caused by consuming steroids.

Anavar is the steroid with the least side effects as compares to other steroids available in the market.