A duplex is a single structure that is separated by a partition. A duplex can be a house or a building divided by two. Duplex is common these days even row houses because it maximizes the space of a lot giving more spaces for other structures to be put up. This is a perfect residential set up especially in the city since the space is getting smaller and smaller. But of course, anything can’t be started without the visuals. If you have a clear vision, that is just you. You still need other people that will work on your structure to see what you see and this is where a draftsman comes into the picture.

A draftsman is the professionals that makes drafts for a living. They almost have the similarities with an architect and sometimes their roles do overlap at some point, the only difference is their qualifications. Both are independent against the other and can work together as well especially on bigger projects. But in smaller projects usually a draftsman is usually hired. Whether you need an architect, a draftsman or both will rely greatly on the type of project that you have. If you identified that you only need a draftsman for your duplex, below are the things that you need to consider.

Duplex Designs Sydney

Find one that is an expert with duplex: If you need a good draftsman, start with one that actually has expertise with duplex structures. Once you got that on lock you can go through various samples and qualifications that the draftsman can provide. With that you can be assured that you already drilled down the people that are qualified to take on the task.

Consider the cost: There is actually no standard on how much you need to pay your draftsman since its project based. What they get is the amount that you agreed upon and that’s about it. What you need are people that will accept your offer in doing their job for your project, also be clear and provide some clear expectations on the things that they need to do. Because even if a draftsman is good at making drafts for a living they do have other things that they can offer which will add value to their service and will also add extra costs to their service as well. So its better that the job description is clear.

Consider your budget: You should be honest with your draftsman on the budget that you have. While they won’t be the people that will budget your budget, they do take that into consideration in making the draft of your duplex. With their experience they might even recommend a few materials that you can use as an alternative to the more expensive materials which will help you save more cash.

Hiring a good draftsman for your duplex project require three main things. You should find one that is an experts with duplex even with their eyes closed, you should consider their service fee and be transparent on what they should expect on the duplex project and finally be honest with how much the budget is. If you need a good draftsman for your Duplex Designs Sydney, contact Renovate Plans now.