Old wallpaper, yellow walls that need repainting on which dust was being accumulated, are synonymous for an old place that needs redesigning and refreshment. Just follow the steps provided by http://foamworks.ca/.

The walls and the floor are the first things that visitors notice when they enter in the apartment or house, and the old wallpaper and Spanish wall are the best proof that the apartment has not been invested for more than two decades. To remove wallpaper, it takes a lot of time and effort, and if you do it yourself, in a room of 20 square meters you will save at least $500.

Removing old wallpapers is not a fun thing to do, especially if it’s on several walls. This is a common case, as many thought it would be easiest to solve the problem of dirty walls if they hide them. Therefore, a worker can charge you a lot for the removal of wallpapers. Unfortunately, in some apartments there are more layers glued to the wall which will cost you more.

The wallpaper can be removed by wetting a part of the wall with a wet sponge, and if the water drops, it means that there are several layers below and then you will need a needle roller that will perforate the wall and soften it. The water should be warm, almost hot, and it is good to pour a small amount of softener or 20 percent vinegar (80 percent water).

The Spanish wall decor was popular in the eighties, and today it is a nightmare for apartment owners. Unlike the wallpaper, which can easily be removed from the wall, the Spanish wall d├ęcor is really annoying. In fact, there are many workers who refuse to work on it, while others charge a lot.

The Spanish wall decor is extremely easy to install, but it can be removed only in two ways: by strenuous scraping or alignment of the spiers with the wall, which reduces the space and will cost you a lot of money on the mass that will fill the voids. This is a long and annoyingjob and only a few squares can be removed daily. Experienced workers can easily remove one square in one hour, so it’s the easiest to pay someone else to do the job for you because you can even create a bigger mess in your home. Sometimes the best solution is to pay professionals to do the job for you instead of wasting your time and still not be able to finish the job properly.


Old linoleum leaves an impression of a total mess that cannot be repaired. Removing old linoleum is easy, and it’s not expensive even when workers do it for you. It is expensive to remove the concrete liner. For this reason, it is easiest to remove linoleum and covered laminate or tiles.