Relocated away to university and want to stay in touch with friends? Keeping a happy relationship and want more ways to spend time together? Would you like to hang out and watch a movie? There are a number of apps that encourage you to ดูหนังออนไลน์  with friends.

These apps create a way to organize your browsing so you can watch the same thing at the same time if you can’t get together and have a Netflix binge. Such applications could support, whether you’re spending time with friends or holding an LDR up.

Those devices allow you to organize the streaming on Hulu, Netflix, YouTube or whatever to synchronize the movies and TV shows. Some will include an interface to connect so you can talk about things they’re working through. They’re a clean way to stay a distance friend and ดูหนังออนไลน์ .


  • Syncplay is slightly different because it allows you to synchronize your own media players so you can enjoy your own films. This operates with most Windows operating systems but has no mobile application. It can synchronize VLC and other media players so you can synchronize media with each other on your desktop or laptop.

This is free and open-source, but it has a very basic design. You’re all launching the device, building a space, synchronizing together, and all Ready To Watch hits. The video is running and at the same time, you can all watch it.

  • The gaze is another content synchronization device which operates with streams only with YouTube. It also creates video conference calls among friends and allows you to synchronize your own media as does Syncplay. It’s a smooth software that functions well but can only link two individuals instead of a team at the moment. For an LDR, this is better than keeping up with your friends, but it fits well enough.

The development is very easy, allowing it quick to set up and watch a video. That’s why this collection exists.

  • Rabbit is a well-reviewed app that allows you to watch with friends’ movies and TV shows. It also allows you to share documents and other media as well. The app helps you to synchronize Hulu, Amazon Prime Vide, Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services so that you can view them all together in various locations. For daily streaming, you can also create groups and use the device to talk.

The app works well and the development and propulsion are good. A recent update appears to have removed the very useful search feature. The software is useful to check out other than that. Nonetheless, you need to login to use it.

  • Watch2Gether is another well-titled app that allows you to watch friends ‘ movies. It is restricted to YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and SoundCloud, but it works well enough. With a URL, you can build a space, invite friends, watch or listen as you like. You can also shop together on Amazon as an added bonus.

The layout is basic but simple to navigate, and setting up your room, inviting friends, watching or listening to music is easy. To build space, you will need to create an account, but the software works well enough.

  • Netflix Party does the exact meaning of its name. This extension can produce a simultaneous viewing experience in your browser as long as everyone has a Netflix account and uses Chrome. Enable the extension and Chrome should show a tiny NP symbol. Log in to Netflix, set up a team and share the team URL with your buddies, pick a favorite TV show or movie, and the extension would synchronize everything for you.

This feature will only function if all of you have Netflix subscriptions and the ad blocker is disabled. I thoroughly tested it and it seems to work well, even over longer watching times.