Superstition means we believe in something which does not exist in reality. It is actually a fear to control the activities of the people and it is also a faith which gives power and motivation rather a channel to the people. Man is the integral part of the society and there are so many views, rumours as well as thoughts spread in the society. And there is great impact of the society on the mentality of the people. There is a common thought process which is usually prevalent in the people f the society. People believe in different things some of them are not really exist. Here are some prevalent through in the like when there is onset of the menstrual cycle then it is not allowed for the woman to work in kitchen or tread in temple area but there is no significant justification for this thought.


Our ancestors are actually wise enough to resist the woman to do heavy work because they need to take rest in this lean time more at that they were not allowed to work in fields nor touch the cattle dung because they might catch tetanus disease which is fatal. As the time changes people took it in wrong way they assumed that women in this stage are not pious enough to work in kitchen and in temple area. Some people connect their important ordeals to the time. They thought there is specific time to get to the work if they will do it in other time then they will not get the desirable results. These types of the thoughts are enough to block the mental horizon of the person.

We become dependent on some useless rituals to accomplish our useful works. And if one ritual is ritual is fail to give us proper result then we though it is our mistake in performing that ritual which do not give us result. People are so much under the influence of these superstitious things that they even miss their most important meeting due to meagre reflex action of sneezing by someone on the entrance door. These are actual our mental vibes which are actually there to influence our surrounding. Nothing in the world is potent enough than our string will power. Man can win the world through the power of his brain and faith in his ability.