Weddings are an amazing thing in everyone’s lives. It is the day when two souls come together to become one and spend rest of their lives together in holy matrimony. Since it is such as the important day in a person’s life, it needs to be celebrated in a grand way. Weddings are usually characterized by large feasts and great entertainment. One of the best ways to celebrate a wedding is through the use of great cakes. Yes, wedding cakes are a multi-million-dollar industry around the world and hence you can see how important they are in the grand scheme of things.

What are the Different Types of Wedding cakes?

There are two primary kinds of wedding cakes that are super popular. These are the wedding sheet cake and the wedding tower cake. If you want to buy a black forest cake online, then you can choose either one of these types of cakes. Let us see what these cakes signify.

Wedding sheet cakes: Wedding sheet cakes are basically a plain cake that is just a single rectangular sheet. It does not usually have a lot of cake toppers or elaborate decoration on top of the sheet of cake. All popular flavours of cake are available in this type of setting. These cakes are usually used in smaller events and budget weddings where the people would not want to spend too much of the wedding budget on elaborate cakes. When you are looking for a simple option for a wedding cake, this is the best way to go about it.

Wedding tower cakes: Wedding tower cakes are the more elaborate cakes that you see in grand weddings of the rich and the famous. They are layers upon layers of cakes that are stacked on top of each other and made to look as beautiful and elegant as possible. You can usually get any kind of flavour you want in this kind of a set of wedding cake. Typically, there are 3 or 4 layers of cake in a wedding tower cake. But, when you are looking for cakes such as the eggless black forest cake, carrot cake, etc., you may see that these layers can be extended even up to 6 or 7 layers if need be.

Keep in mind that these tower wedding cakes can cost as much as twice or more of the cost of the sheet wedding cakes. So, if money is not a big concern for your dream wedding, then you can always go for the tower wedding cake. If money is an objective, then you can go for the sheet cakes for your great day.

Either one you choose, you can always decorate them with great wedding cake toppers so that your cake looks great for your special day.

Therefore, now you know that there are two types of wedding cakes and they are both widely used in thousands of weddings each year. So, if you are planning your wedding soon, you can choose whichever one that suits your preferences and needs based on the amount of money you can spend!