Who loves chocolate?? Well we believe all our reader does. Not only our readers almost all of us love chocolate. Hence today in this artifact we are going to talk about chocolate and its useful advantages for our health. Well of course we can understand, as who ever thought of usefulness of chocolate which can be included in our daily diet regime. Hence just think won’t it be fun to consume chocolate and maintain weight? Of course it would be. As no bitter alovera juice or tasteless vegetable juice you have to drink early morning. After going through this content we bet you will be giving up your bitter gourd juice or beet root juice for losing weight. Stick to this content to discover some fun packed informative details about chocolate.

Facts about chocolate

Chocolate mainly comes from cocoa tree which is the purest form an individual can consume. Cocoa is less processed as well as raw hence contain quite a bitter taste. But if an individual really want to consume the purest form, it’s better to have cocoa powder or bar which is less processed as well as dry roasted to scavenge the bitter taste.

Chemical components of chocolate

Chocolate is extensively rich in flavonoid compounds. Flavonoid components are great sources of antioxidants which extensively help in terms of scavenging free radicals hence the level of biological oxidation will be decreased as well as aging process will be slowed down. Other than flavonoid it also contains theobromine compound which is extremely helpful in terms of scavenging many biological disorders.

Health benefits of chocolate

Weight loss aspect: Well yes you heard it right. Dark chocolate helps in losing weight. This fact is supported by all the National Nutrition boards of almost all countries. According to researchers 100 gm of dark chocolate contains 11gms of fibre, 67% of RDA of iron and other proximal constituents.

Powerful sources of antioxidants: Dark chocolate is extensively loaded with polyphenols, catechins as well as flavonol which are few organic biologically active compounds that work as a powerful antioxidant.

Chocolate and heart conditions: Dark chocolate being loaded with antioxidants as well as omega compounds is very useful in terms of restoring elasticity of arteries as well prevents deposition of cholesterol.

About the chocolate drink that helps to lose weight

For more details about the weight loss tips, you can refer the link, http://chocolateslimpret.ro/.This slimming drink contains cocoa powder, green coffee, chia seeds as well as ganoderma. You already got the explanation about cocoa powder, now coming to green coffee. Well does it need any sort of introduction? Since it has already been overly popularized, we hope green coffee need no introduction. Still those who are having a very little idea, green coffee is exactly same as green tea. The other two ingredients along with cocoa helps in stimulating dopamine hormone, which directly acts on the process of fat burning and thus helps in losing the weight.