The city of New York City has been extremely considerate towards the victims of medical malpractice lawyers and came up with many schemes to help them out. There are many medical malpractice law firms in New York City to help you find an NYC medical malpractice lawyer to solve your issue. The New York City Government has taken a step forward and framed up some rules and regulations governing the cases of medical malpractices pertaining to law.

NYC medical malpractice lawyers

The given below is a list of laws that the lawmakers have put into practice:

  • The New York City laws state that the victim of medical malpractice should file a case against the physician who treated him/ her within two and a half years, that is, a total of 30 months, of the treatment. The case filed will not be valid if the time period crosses these two and a half years. In case of ongoing course treatment by the physician, the tenure of the two and a half years starts after the completion of the course. In any case, if the victim does not find out that harm was done to him, then this period does not come into the picture. It is applicable only fur treatments pertaining to any kinds of new additions to the body. In this case, the victim can file a case against the physician in terms of medical malpractice within one year that is 12 months, of finding out.
  • By any chance, if you do not file a case within the stipulated period of two and a half years( 30 months ), You case will no longer be valid for execution unless the victim becomes mentally disabled or ill. There can be an extension in the stated tenure if the physician against whom the case is going to be filed is out of state, or has left the state after the medical treatment.
  • The tenure of two and a half years does not apply for kids until they become a major. The tenure for filing a case in case of children is about 10 years and the case will not be valid for execution if the tenure of 10 years has been crossed.

These are the primary conditions and rules that the NYC medical malpractice lawyers abide by when they are taking up any kind of medical malpractice case.