A microwave is present in almost every kitchen across at home, but not everyone is using it to its max potential. The collection of microwave tips at https://canyoumicrowaveit.com/category/meat/ is helpful. The tricks on the site will help ensure you put those radio waves to good use. This device is great for food and non-food related tasks. The cooking times will always vary depending on the microwave. Keep in mind these tips when cooking meat that should bring the heat:

Proper Ways To Cook Meat in Microwave

Using the microwave, meat, such as poultry, steak and fish can be easily cooked that saves you time. Another effective trick is using this tool for defrosting meat. Using another method like grilling or broiling will defrost meat easily before cooking. Make sure that you place the meat in a microwave-safe container when cooking or reheating. Remove it immediately if you start to hear a loud popping sound when cooking the meat. Cook your meat and separate it from vegetables and other food when using the microwave.


  1. Check The User Manual. For the exact tips and procedure of cooking meat, check the manual for your microwave. The microwaves cook in different ways and heating procedure. The user manual has the list of specific times for cooking different types of meat.
  2. Defrost The Meat. Set out the meat to defrost or defrost it in your microwave. In doing so, make sure to place the meat in a microwave-safe container. Use materials like a heat-proof glass or glass-ceramic container. To defrost, heat for at least 30 seconds and then take out the meat before cooking it.
  3. Cut off The Fat. Cutting the fat off from the meat will avoid any grease splatters in the microwave. Make sure to arrange the meat in the container so that it won’t touch the microwave surface. Put the meat inside the microwave and add 1 cup of water to the meat in the container.
  4. Cover The Meat. Use a microwave-safe container lid or a cooking bag to cover the meat. Don’t use a paper towel or plastic sheet and avoid heating in square containers. These containers tend to receive more energy resulting in uneven cooking. Also, do not use over-sized food containers inside the microwave to avoid fire. This is to prevent electric shock when cooking as well.
  5. Use Meat Thermometer. Use the time specified in the user manual to cook the meat in the microwave. Or adjust at least 10 minutes less than on the time specified in the user manual. Check the internal temperature of the meat when cooking using the meat thermometer. This is to know whether the meat is ready or when it’s done. You should start at 25 minutes and check the meat and continue adding 10 minutes until the meat is fully cooked. This is the helpful tip if you do not know how long it takes to cook the meat.

These steps will get your ready to use your microwave. Keep in mind to make safety number one as the priority. Check beforehand for the microwaves heat things fast and in different ways. This will protect you from any accidents if you are not sure about the microwave you have at home.