There are many firms which have their own glass screen protector. Some of the best glass screen protectors which features a completely automatically strengthened feature which is stronger and it also includes the glass which is found in the glass screen protector. Some of the features of the iPhone 5s screen protector are as follows –

  • It is completely scratch proof
  • Along with this it is also shock and bubble proof
  • It is a kind of a bullet proof vest for the iPhone’s touchscreen which is very precious
  • You also a get a flawless bubble free quick installation of screen in seconds.

The screen protector of the glass is made from a very special type of glass which is shows the hardness of tempered steel. The surface of the screen protector is also impossible to scratch. You can also try using knife and see whether the there is any kind of scratch or other coming in the mobile screen. But you will find none. The glass comes with a 0.3mm thickness. It comes with a rounded edge and it blends completely well with the iPhone. Once the device is fixed with the glass it will virtually disappear and also you shall not notice any kind of difference. The screen shall be completely clear and touch sensitive.

After using the Samsung galaxy s5 screen protector you will get a peace of mind knowing that the phone’s screen (whichever it may be) is completely protected at all the times.


Dear friends you all know very well that our phones costly one’s including the iPads are likely to get damaged and ruined in case if we do not take care of our cell phones. These days’ markets are flooding with unique and designed stylish mobile phone cases which protect our phone. The stylish cases are designed for flair and function both. So, now you can protect your purchase with stylish cases that are available in the market. It also gets sold very quickly. Here’s list of some good durable stylish cases which you can have for your mobile phones including iPad mini screen protector.

There is plethora of reasons as to why should you be buying a mobile case cover. Firstly, to protect your investments. Instead of having your expensive phones with shattered glass or cracked casing due to accidental drop, its better to get a case which is good and prevents scratches and breaking on your camera lenses etc. Additionally it maintains the resale value of your phone be it iPhone or iPad air screen protector.