Winstrol is used to cut the fat of even the hard muscles quickly. When you look at that last lap in losing weight, then use oral Winstrol only cycle for fat loss.

Why Winstrol For Cutting?

Every individual looks at losing weight. It can begin on a positive note and cutting happens quickly in the beginning. The water weight is easy to lose, and when it comes to losing fat, it will take time. But, it is also possible to be achieved. But, the one last step where the hard fat deposited over the years will not burn, and that is when oral Winstrol only cycle for fat loss can help. Yes, Winstrol can help in the last phase of the cutting cycle to lose weight efficiently.

How Does Winstrol Achieve Cutting?

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The steroid helps in removing the last fat layer from the body by obscuring the muscle. It tones the body and the muscles to give an excellent physique to an individual. Unlike a saggy appearance that every person who lost much weight will have is due to toning of the muscles. Winstrol takes care of this as well.

But, note the result may not be the same for all individual. It depends on how to take winstrol when you consider, what another physical exercise you carry out, and the food one consumes. All these factors decide about the success ration of winstrol in the cutting process.

Winstrol Cycle

Winstrol is used during the cutting cycle, at the same time it preserves the lean muscle mass. Only the fat tissues get burnt in this process. Completely the Winstrol cycle depletes the fat from the body and shapes the body in an even fashion.

Winstrol can only rely on cutting, and the cycle can include oral pills or injections. Both will result in increasing the testosterone level in the body. When such a situation occurs, the brain sends a signal to the body to use the additional testosterone for preserving the lean muscle available in the body. Therefore there is no possibility of weight gain at the time of your losing cycle.

You can also be amazed to know that Winstrol works well with few stacking and produces a better outcome.

Recommended Dosage For Women and Men

Remember that anabolic steroid has virilization effect on a woman and hence the dosage cannot be same for both genders. Higher dosage in women can lead to change in voice, hair growth and clitoris enlargement. Consequently, exercise with caution.

It is good to use pills than injections as the latter is compelling.

Women can take a maximum of 10 mg in a day. They can go up to 4 weeks in one cycle. The drug can be taken on every alternate day during the first week and then one 10 mg pill per day for the next three weeks.

Men can take it for eight weeks and need to give a break after one cycle. He must remember that liver will get damaged when received more than eight weeks continuously. Maximum of 50 mg is allowed in a day for visible results. Increase the dosage from 10 mg progressively and reach up to 50 mg.