Digitalization is the new convention. And there are no two ways about it that technology has changed the film industry. Gone are the days where the only way to make films was through filmmakers. With the present times, independent and aspiring filmmakers have so many options for creating, distributing and selling films. Movie-watching experience is evolving and taking dynamics with movies123.


For a movie lover, the fact that we’ve evolved so much with the advancements of technology is no denying. From silent films to black and white, from color introduction to screen advancements, things have irrevocably changed. Online movies, web shows, streaming or even downloading, consumers have more power than the producers. Digital consumption has taken on such heights that piracy has taken a back foot, and legal access has become more profound for millennials and other generations. When entertainment and comfort come hand in hand, who don’t wish to grab them with movies123?



While superheroes and villains fight battles onscreen, the real rage upholds behind the scenes. Streaming vs cinema is a fuelling debate across the globe. The future of cinema is going to be at stake if online movies are going to ascend the throne, breaking the tradition.


  1. Lack of good content and blockbusters: studios and sales earn because people head to the theatre to get the big-screen experience in exchange of money because not everything is available on online platforms.
  2. Alternative cinema: Imagine watching a horror movie in an abandoned house with eerie noises and ghost creatures or viewing a romantic movie from your bed with cozy blankets and an ideal situation built up for an entirely new experience.


The youth is influenced in some ways through movies and cinema. Imitating their favorite actor or character and developing a similar attitude is common. Negative and positive influence is seen through online movies. Also, foreign culture prevails the minds of the viewer, the youth. And also illegal activities like violence, smuggling and robbery are done simply for pleasure. And Youtube stars have been seen to dominate the young minds rather than traditional celebrities.


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